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The Group's hog farm is situated on a parcel of land with an aggregate area of approximately 128,700 square meters at Putian City in Fujian Province. It has 46 curtain-barns, mainly for farming breeder hogs and commodity hogs, farrowing and production of fertilizers. Based on the capacity of farming 1,500 sows, the current estimated output capacity of the hog farm is approximately 36,300 hogs per annum. The Group’s hog farm has been approved by the local government of Putian City, with the national confirmation in respect of environmental protection and animal epidemic prevention.

The ancillary production facilities in the Group’s hog farm are comprehensive, including a veterinary room, an animal clinic, a storage room for medicine and vaccines and a sterilized room, ensuring that the hygiene standard of hog farm meets the national requirement and the protection is effective in preventing animal epidemic.

The Group’s hog farms has adopted high technology environmental-friendly management system. The Group implements stringent controls starting from the source in order to ensure quality and safety of its pork products, including establishing an environmental-friendly hog farming production base, using hog feeds with tailor-made formula and 6-round filtration of drinking water for hogs. The Group is also able to turn the hog wastes into organic fertilizers

The Group also has hog feed production facilities in its farm, where corn, soya meal, wheat bran and a small amount of feed premixes are mixed into hog feeds for the sole use of the Group’s farm or its Contract Farmers, monitoring the quality of hog supply.

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