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The principal products of the Group are commodity hogs and pork products, including whole hog carcasses, heads, intestines, other internal organs and various cuts of pork meat.

The Group retails its pork products under its “Putian” brand.

As the Group adopts a vertically integrated business model and implements strict quality control measures, our products enjoy a high level of brand recognition. After years of development, the Group’s products have earned a number of recognitions, including “Certificate of Harmless Agricultural Product to the Public, Fujian Province”, “Fujian Province’s Famous Brand Product” and the “Fujian Province Famous Trademark”.

In view of the improving living standards and awareness in food safety, we believe that the high-quality pork products are facing ample market demand.

Sales network and major customers

The Group’s sales network effectively covers the consumer market. It penetrates into Putian City, Fuzhou City, Quanzhou City and Zhangzhou City areas through its retail network consisting of direct sales outlets, concession counters at supermarkets and bulk-purchase customers; while wholesaling its products to rural areas of Putian City through individual local pork product traders.

Retail Network

Currently, the Group has opened 74 points of sales, including 20 direct sales outlets and 54 concession counters at supermarket chains, all over the urban area of Fujian Province in the PRC.

In addition, our retail customers also include canteens, restaurants, food processing factories and individual customers who directly purchase in bulk.

Wholesale Network

The Group’s wholesale customers mainly include individual local pork product traders who normally resell the Group’s product to restaurants, hotels or to shops at farmer’s markets, which situate in rural areas the Group’s retail network does not cover.

The wholesale strategy not only allows the Group to seize the rural market more expediently, but also strives to minimise potential market competitions between the distribution network of the pork products traders and the Group’s Point of Sales which are generally located in urban areas.

In the long term, we target to enter into higher spending areas such as Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta for chilled pork, by means of expanding our sales and distribution network and strengthening brand recognition.

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