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The Group’s slaughterhouse, located at Putian City in Fujian Province, commenced operation in August 2009. The slaughterhouse is constructed according to "5-Star" standards, with a maximum annual slaughtering capacity of approximately 2 million hogs, in order to accommodate future expansion. The Group’s slaughterhouse is the only slaughterhouse recognized as “2-Star” slaughterhouse in Putian City pursuant to the Requirement and Classification of Hog Slaughtering Enterprise, and the only slaughterhouse approved by the government of Putian City in four districts (Chengxiang District, Licheng District, Xiuyu District and North Meizhouwan Bay Economic Development District) out of the five districts and one county in Putian City.

To ensure the safety and quality of its products, the Group has implemented stringent preventive measures against clenbuterol and other contaminants in pork before and after slaughtering process. The slaughterhouse has been awarded the "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System Certificate", which is a pre-requisite of “5-Star” slaughterhouse, in July 2011.

The Group plans to upgrade its slaughterhouse to produce chilled pork, by installing additional equipment (including freezing facilities) and implementing necessary quarantine and control systems.

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